Moving Day is Here: What about your Motorcycle?

For those who own a motorcycle, you are going to find that this is not something that can be placed into the rear of a moving truck with the rest of your belongings. And chances are, you cannot drive this on your own, while still ensuring you have your moving day bag. So, what do you do? There are a few choices that you can utilize!

Dunmar has a vehicle transport service that can take your motorcycle for you. This may be of interest to those who may be moving a longer distance than just around the corner. With this option, we will pick this up and drop it off at your new location, and we offer full value coverage as an option to consider for those who want that added protection on the motorcycle.

If you have the ability to pull this behind you, this is an option. You could rent a motorcycle trailer and then pull this to your new location. However, many people do not like doing this, just because they have never drove with a trailer before, and it is a bit different than simply driving a vehicle. This option can allow you to keep the motorcycle with you always.

If you are moving with a significant other and they can drive the car or truck, then you could drive this motorcycle yourself. This is only an option if you either don’t have another vehicle or if you have more than one driver for the other vehicle you own. Another option if you do have more than one vehicle is to consider asking a friend to drive one vehicle while you drive the motorcycle.

Having a motorcycle is great fun, however, when it comes time to move, it may become a hassle. The good news is that with these options, you are going to find it easy enough to get your motorcycle to your new home.

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