New Trend: Moving Into A Home With a Home Office

Are you ready to move? Why are you moving? This is one of the biggest questions to ask yourself, as this can help you to find a new home that is going to be worth it once you move. One of the biggest reasons that are being given this year for moving is the need for more space in their home. This makes sense as many companies are allowing employees to work remotely during the pandemic, and have already said that they may consider keeping employees remote. So, the need for a home office is something that many people are looking for when they are moving into a new home.

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If you have the home already lined up that includes an office, we have a few tips to make the unloading and unpacking process a bit more organized as you gain this new home office!

  1. When packing, label those things that you know are going to go into the new home office. This way, you are not going through random boxes labeled “Living Room” in hopes of finding your noise canceling headphones that you use for work.
  2. Avoid buying office furniture just yet. Instead, wait until you are in the new home. Remember, when moving, the price of your move is based on weight. That is why many people declutter and get rid of things they no longer need when they are getting ready to move.
  3. If you are doing a complete overhaul of this new office, try to get this done before moving in. Many people paint, change flooring, and the like in a new home, and they often try to make it to where they have a few weeks before they move in to complete these jobs…it just makes it easier when the house is empty.
  4. Take your time with setup! The most important tip that we can give you when you are moving into a new office is to take your time with the setup. Don’t rush this. Instead, set it up how you want it, get the furniture that you like. Remember, this is going to be your new way of working now, so you want it comfortable and functional!

And remember, when it comes to moving, Dunmar has you covered!

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