Preparing for a Move in the New Year

Preparing for a Move in the New Year

With the New Year almost here, 2022 is going to bring many changes for many people. And one of those changes may be gearing up for a move. Those who may be moving in January will find that packing has probably already started, and they may have many questions on how to make this move a bit easier for the New Year.


Should you not put our your holiday décor?

When people plan for a move in the New Year, one of the common questions is if they should avoid decorating their current home with holiday décor? The thinking with this is that there will be more items that you have to pack for this January move. However, don’t think that you cannot put out some of your décor items so that you can enjoy your last holiday in this old home. If you want to make this a bit easier, avoid putting out a ton of décor.


When moving in January, should I start packing in December?

Most professionals recommend that you start packing three to four weeks before your move date. With this being said, you can start packing up items that you may not use for this month. You can go ahead and pack the closets, basement or attic storage items, and the like. With Christmas being in December, you may not be able to pack as much as you would have thought to pack in the earlier months simply because this is a time for celebration, and you may need all your items.

Moving in the New Year is something that many people want to do as this gives them a fresh start for the New Year in a new home. Do what you can during December, but do not let this infringe on your holiday celebrations, after all, you should get to enjoy December even if you are moving in the next month. And remember, Dunmar Moving is here for all your packing and moving needs!

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