Packing a Bathroom

Pack Your Bathroom Like a Pro

When it is time to pack up and move your home, you are probably more focused on the bedrooms, living areas, and kitchen. However, there will be some packing taking place in the bathroom as well! Think about all that is in the bathroom; you have beauty products, shampoo, personal care products, linens, and much more that have to be packed and moved into your new location. The simplest way to start packing the bathroom is to take a few extra steps to get rid of some things and then start packing.


What to Toss?

When you are going through your bathroom, there are several items that it may be time to toss instead of paying to move these to your new location. These items may include:

– Bottles of shampoo, body wash, and the like that are basically empty. Unless you can use these in the time before the movers arrive, is it worth it to take up room in a box for a drop of shampoo?

– Small items like hairdryers, curlers, straighteners, razors, trimmers, etc. that are no longer in good working condition are something that you will probably replace anyways, so it may be time to toss these before the move.

– Any stained towels or have holes/rips in them may be something that you can use to wrap delicate items in and then toss once you have the new replacements.


How to Pack up Bathroom Items

For those packing up their bathroom items, remember that you may want to keep some of them with you in your essentials bag. Especially if you do not expect your movers to arrive at your new home the same day or stay in a hotel if you are moving cross-country and waiting on delivery of your goods. It would be best to have two boxes, one that gets packed into the moving truck and another that goes with you. You can then divide the items that you are packing according to how they should be moved.

A few packing tips to keep in mind for bathroom items include:

– Any bottles that contain liquid should have a piece of plastic wrap put onto the opening; then the lid tightened down on this to prevent spills.

– Put these bottles in Ziploc bags as well. And do this individually. You don’t want to get to your new location only to find that a body wash leaked everywhere.

– Personal hygiene items, toilet paper, and the like can all be packed together.


And don’t forget to label these boxes! You will find that this will make it ten times more manageable when you get to your new home to unpack the bathroom, as this is one of those essential rooms to unpack first.


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