Packing and Moving the Master Bedroom

Packing and Moving the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is considered by many to be a labor of love. While there may not be a ton of furniture like you would find in the living room, there are still a lot of personal items in your master bedroom. Luckily, when it comes to packing and moving the master bedroom, you will find that you can start doing this as soon as you know you are moving.

Pack the Personal Items

While you will be using your master bedroom until the night before your movers arrive, that doesn’t mean that you cannot start packing items in this room. Start by packing up personal items that you are not using. This includes packing up any trinkets you have setting around, pictures that may be hanging on the walls, and other personal décor items.

Pack up the Wardrobe

We suggest wardrobe boxes to pack these items. You will find that you can place everything into the wardrobe box hanging up. We recommend packing out-of-season clothing that you won’t need for a few months. Then pack everything else. A great tip to remember is not to tape up these boxes until the movers are about 12 hours out. This way, if you do pack something that you need, you can simply open up the box and grab it.

Disassemble the Bed

If you have a large bed with a headboard, then disassembling this the day of the move can make it easier to move. The good news is that the professionals at Dunmar Moving can handle this task for you.

Once you get to your new location, the master bedroom is one of the first rooms you want to get situated. While you do not have to get all the décor put up that same night, you want to get the bed assembled, mattress placed, and linens put onto this so that you can enjoy your first night in comfort in your new home

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