Packing Area Rugs When Moving

Area rugs are popular for those who have hardwood floors as it helps to protect the floor and it offers some comfort for those who walk in the home. However, what happens when you move? Do these area rugs just get thrown into a heap on the moving truck? Do they get rolled? Folded? These are important issues, as improper care when moving these area rugs could result in them becoming ruined!

For those who will be moving, follow these steps to help you pack up area rugs in a way that is going to ensure they are safe!

  1. Be sure to clean these area rugs before you pack these up to move. After all, who wants to move a dirty area rug into a new home?!
  2. Determine what direction the rug fibers are going in. Each area rug is made in a way that there is a direction of the rug fibers. You can rub your hand against this and you should feel some resistance when you find the direction of the fiber. You will want to note which direction is against the normal run.
  3. Roll the rug against the grain of the fibers for the best results when moving.
  4. Take a piece of soft string to tie each end of the rug for the time being. Depending upon the size of the rug, this may be a two-person job.
  5. Once the rug is tied, you are going to want to wrap this rug with paper. The goal is to protect this while moving so you will want to wrap this securely. Try to avoid using plastic for long moves, as the plastic can trap in moisture which could ruin the rug in the long run, especially when dealing with a long distance move.

Your area rugs can definitely be moved with you. However, they will take some extra care. The good news is that when you work with a professional moving company like Dunmar Moving, you will have pros that are ready to help!

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