Packing Books: Make This Easier with these Tips

When packing a home, many people pay more attention and take more time with those breakable items, and we get that. However, you should be paying attention to how you are packing your books. Did you know that if you pack your books poorly, the next time you go to grab your favorite read, you may find that the binding is broken and the pages are creased or even missing! So, what can you do? We have a few tips to help!

Do you need all those books? For those who are avid book readers, getting rid of some books may be out of the question. But, remember, that books can add a lot of weight to your move! And if you are moving these boxes yourself, it could mean a lot of weight on your back and arms! Instead, consider what books that you never read and are okay with donating or giving away.

Book boxes are strong, as they are made of thick cardboard. They are also small to medium in size to ensure that these are not overpacked and become too heavy. Be sure that the box is dry so that these boxes do not damage the books that go into these. Reinforce these boxes with packing tape to ensure they do not tear once the weight is added.

There are three ways that most people pack books:

  1. Upright
  2. Flat
  3. Spines Down

You will want to avoid packing these books with the spine down. This is going to affect the bindings of the book. Utilizing the upright way is an option, but be sure that the open sides are not facing the inside of the box as this can damage them. The most recommended way is to put these flat into the box and stack along the sides. Put heavier books on the bottom, followed by lighter books to optimize the box.

Remember, Dunmar Moving can help with your packing and moving needs. Thus, if you are one of those people who have tons of books, we can pack these to ensure they are safe and secure during transit.

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