Packing Paper: Why You Need This For Your Move

Packing Paper: Why You Need This For Your Move

When it comes to moving, whether this is a residential or a commercial move, you will find that there are certain items you will need to make this move happen. Packing paper is one of those items! This is considered an essential packing material to have on hand when packing up your home or business. Packing paper is ideal for wrapping breakable items or items that need extra protection. Many people consider packing paper better than bubble wrap since it can be easier to handle.


How much packing paper will you need?


One of the best ways to determine how much packing paper you need is how many boxes will need packing paper. Many professionals recommend using one pound of paper per cubic foot of the moving box. Remember, the more you have when it comes to packing paper, the better. This can also be used to help fill up space in a box to avoid items shifting while they are being moved.


What ways can you use packing paper?


There are two ways you can use packing paper during your move. You will find that the main way to use packing paper is to wrap those fragile items like plates, glassware, and even picture frames. You will find that you wrap these items individually with the packing paper.

The other method is to use this packing paper as a box filler. While some people have tons of towels and extra linens that they can use to fill a box, many people find that they are running out of these items. So, instead, you can crumple up some packing paper and place this into the empty spots throughout your box.

For those packing up for a move and feel as though there is no end in sight, remember that Dunmar Moving offers professional packing services. Our team can come in, use all the right boxes, packing paper and other items to ensure that your items are packed properly.

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