Packing Patio Furniture and Grill: Tips to Help

While you may not be grilling out or sitting around on your patio furniture recently, when you move, these are large items that need to be moved with you. The problem is that most people think since they are outdoors, it takes no preparation when it comes to packing these up and loading them. However, that line of thinking is wrong. The good news is that it is not that hard, and if you have put your grill and patio furniture up for the winter properly, chances are it may be ready to get loaded onto a moving truck today!

Packing Patio Furniture with Dunmar Moving Systems

Clean the Furniture and Grill

There is nothing worse than getting to your new home and realizing that these items are filthy. In addition, these items could have touched other items in the truck, making them dirty. So, be sure that you are cleaning the patio furniture and the grill. Use the right type of cleaning agent that is meant for the type of material that your furniture and grill is to avoid damaging this.

Packing the Furniture

Once this is clean, then you are going to want to start packing this. If you have furniture that has parts that can be removed, then do this but be sure to pack the screws and other items into a ziploc bag for easy access once you get to your new home. Wrap all the pieces of the furniture so it is not damaged when moved. Secure the removable pillows and cushions separately to make this easier to move. If you have an umbrella with your patio furniture you may find it helpful to purchase a protective cover for this that you can not only use when moving but next year when storing this for the spring and summer season.

Pack the Grill

If you can, you will want to disassemble the grill as much as possible. For example, pack the grates, trays and small parts separately. You will need to remove any propane tank if this is the case because this is a hazardous material that your moving company is not going to move for you.

When it comes to moving, it is always better if you have professionals on your side to help. If you find that packing items is becoming too much, Dunmar Moving is here for you. Not only do we have movers to get you out of your home into your new one, but we have professional packers who can pack up that patio furniture and grill in no time!


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