Packing Stemware: Tips to Help

What is one of the hardest items to pack in your kitchen? Your stemware! In most cases, these are fragile breakables, and despite the best of intentions, a lot of people find that once they unpack, the stemware is broken, chipped or cracked, rendering it useless and something that you end up throwing away. However, we want to prevent this from happening and ensure that your stemware arrives fully intact and ready to be taken out…after all, who doesn’t want a glass of wine or champagne after moving into a new home?

Here are a few tips that you will want to use when packing your stemware for your move:

  1. Consider using cell boxes. These are those boxes that have individual locations within each box to allow you to easily keep things separate. These are ideal for stemware!
  2. Use white tissue paper for wrapping the stemware. If you use newspaper, expect having to clean the stemware as the black ink is going to rub onto the glass.
  3. If you decide to use bubble wrap be sure to put this over the tissue paper. The bubble wrap when placed directly onto the glass creates a grip that can make the stemware more likely to break.
  4. Be sure to pad the empty space in the box that you are using, even if you are using the cell boxes. Empty space in a box can be a recipe for disaster!
  5. If you are running low on tissue paper, old socks can be a great way to protect your stemware. You can slide the stemware into the sock and then wrap this with bubble wrap for even more protection.
  6. Label this box well. Be sure to include the words “Breakable” and “Fragile” onto the box so that everyone will know what this is and will take extra caution with this box.

For those who are gearing up for a move, be sure to call Dunmar Moving Systems for all your moving needs!

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