Tips for Packing the MacGyver Way

We all know that MacGyver was one of those individuals who could turn nothing into something that would get him out of trouble and help to ensure the good guys always won. So how can you take his knack for turning everyday things into something useful for your move? We have a few tips that could turn you into the Moving MacGyver…don’t be surprised if your friends and family start to think that you are the expert when it comes to packing your items!

  1. Why buy foam and bubble wrap for dishes? Instead, save money and use foam plates that cost a fraction of what you would pay for the traditional moving supplies!
  2. Did you know that popped kernels of popcorn could fill up empty space around those fragile items? Great tip if you run out of packing peanuts!
  3. Pool noodles can be great padding for certain items that you are packing. For example, have a case, cut this pool noodle to wrap around it loosely, it will protect the vase from becoming broken.
  4. Moving with a lot of jewelry? Don’t let this get tangled and become useless. Store these items in pill counters!
  5. Forget to put a charger with the item you packed? Don’t fret! If you have an empty eyeglass case, this can be a great way to store those smaller charges, such as cell phones and iPods.
  6. Have a lot of shoes to pack? But, want to ensure that those dirty shoes aren’t making everything in the box dirty? Then put shower caps on the bottom of each pair of shoes and pack these together. Nothing will get dirty!

These six tips are something that when most people use them, they immediately see how handy they truly are! So, what are you waiting for…use these MacGyver style packing techniques. Don’t forget to schedule professionals to move your boxes for you with Dunmar in plenty of time to ensure you get the date you need!

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