Planning Your Virginia Office Move

Planning Your Virginia Office Move

Since the pandemic started, many offices have discovered that they need to change. Remote work is becoming more popular now, meaning that all that office space may not be something that you need. Therefore, many Virginia businesses are downsizing their office space. They do not feel they need to keep the larger office since remote work will become a permanent option. Other companies are looking for office space that gives people more personalized space, at least 6 feet away from another person. Whatever your reason for moving your Virginia business, we have some tips that can help to plan this office move.


  1. Have a checklist of every task you need to complete. You will want this to be a complete list of everything you need to address before moving.


  1. Remove all personal belongings from your office space. This may mean dedicating a day to all your remote workers coming into the office in shifts to get items that they left behind. As the business owner, you should not move the personal effects of your employees.


  1. Call around for moving quotes. And remember to call Dunmar Moving for a quote for your Virginia office move. You will find that we also offer packing services to make this move even easier on you.


  1. Be sure to alert your employees and customers the date of your move and the new address and contact information for getting in touch with the business. We suggest you put this onto your website, send an email to your customer list, and even post this on the doors to your office if customers come to your physical location.


  1. Take some time to declutter. Throw away old, broken items. Donate those items that you no longer need or even sell them if they are in good working order.


Your Virginia office can make a move ten times easier by working with the right professional movers and having a plan.

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