Porcelain Figurines: Packing These Requires Work

Many people collect porcelain figurines that they display for everyone to see. Maybe you inherited your grandmothers porcelain figurines or dishes as a keepsake. However you got these, they are fragile. And when moving, these fragile items can easily be broken unless they are packed in a way that safeguards them.

Packing unique items with Dunmar Moving Systems in Richmond, VA

Step 1: Get the proper packing materials

Whether these are sentimental or collectible, you need to make sure that you are getting the best packing materials that are out there. You will want to get things like:

– Packing tape

– Microfiber cloth

– Bubble wrap

– Packing paper

– Boxes that are slightly larger than the figurines

– A larger box to place these individual boxes into

Step 2: Clean each figurine and then wrap

Remove each figurine from its location individually. Remove any dust from the figurine with the microfiber cloth. After all, there is no reason to move the dust with you! Then wrap the figurine with packing paper from top to bottom. Then roll bubble wrap around this. Take one of the small boxes and place this wrapped figurine into the box. You can use extra paper if needed to fill in the gaps of the small box. Label this little box with the figurine name and the word “fragile”. Set aside and keep going with the rest of the figurines in your collection.

Step 3: Pack into the larger box

Place a layer of bubble wrap or packing paper onto the bottom of the large box. Then start putting in the individual smaller boxes of the figurines. You will find that you will want to use paper or packing peanuts in the space in the box to ensure these figurines are going to be packed snugly into the box. Then tape the box up and write “FRAGILE” on this along with the details of what is inside so you can easily find this later.

Take time to pack these items. You can start with these since this is something that you can easily pack away months before your moving date to help lessen your anxiety. Plus, it ensures that you are spending the right amount of time on this task to ensure they are packed safely.

Remember, if you need help with packing, Dunmar Moving offers professional packing services to make this easier for you!

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