Portable Containers for Moving: A Great Choice

Many people are opting for a DIY move option with portable containers. Here at Dunmar Moving, we carry SmartBox that makes it easier than ever to store items and move at your own pace. They are a great choice for many people in various situations. For example, those who are looking to move soon, yet need to get their home staged may find that putting their unused items into a portable container frees up their space to make their home look even better, which could get it sold sooner. Others find that they have several months before their move, but want to go ahead and get some items packed and stored away. In these situations, a portable container is going to allow you to do this easily!

Tips for Packing the Portable Container

For those who decide to go with a Dunmar SmartBox, they are going to find that this is not meant to just have items shoved into it with no rhyme or reason. Taking the time to sort out how you will pack the container is going to ensure that you are using space efficiently, while also ensuring that you have the weight evenly distributed in this container.

  1. Make sure larger items are spaced out in the container so that the weight is evenly distributed.
  2. Do not pack anything in the portable containers that you would not pack in a storage unit. Remember, these are not containers that are temperature controlled so items like pictures can become damaged, depending upon how long you have items stored in these containers.
  3. Be sure that all boxes are labeled, so that when unloading this container you know where items need to go in your new home.
  4. Stack boxes evenly and try to get these as tightly as possible to avoid these falling over when the container is moved.

For those who are looking for an easier way to move on your own time, then portable containers may be the best option for you!

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