Post Move Cleaning List

The idea of moving out of a home is huge! There are so many things that you need to consider. Move Cleaning List | Richmond, VA | Dunmar Moving CompanyYou are worried about getting everything packed, maybe even decluttering a bit along the way, and finding the right professionals to help you with your move. Needless to say, you may feel as though your mind is running full speed in opposite directions! This is why many people forget that once they are packed up, it is a sign of courtesy to clean the home for the next owners. And for those who are renting a home, the move out cleaning is a must if you want your security deposit back.

So, how can you make this moving out cleaning process as simple as possible? We have a method that is going to make the home look good, and smell clean without taking a huge chunk of your time!

What Supplies Do You Need?

It is important to have the right supplies in order to clean a home before moving out of it. And you are going to want to remember to keep these supplies in a box that is separate from the moving boxes…you don’t want this to end up on the moving truck!

The supplies you are going to need include:

-A vacuum cleaner

-A mop


-Sponges and rags

-Dish detergent

-Baking soda


-Magic erasers (they are great for just about everything)

-All-purpose cleaner

-Trash bags

-Old newspapers

What to Do?

You have your supplies, so now what? Now, comes the hard part. However, with these steps you can get this done in record timing:

  1. Wash all the windows with a combination of vinegar and water, make sure to get the window ledges as well.
  2. Check the walls in each room for scuff marks, this is where the magic erasers come in handy
  3. Wipe down all the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom
  4. Be sure to clean the appliances, you may need to let all purpose cleaner rest on the shelves to break apart any grease or spilled food
  5. Run the vacuum throughout the home, use the broom and dustpan where needed.
  6. Follow this up by mopping floors that need this.

You are done! It was quick and painless, and it may have even saved you a couple of hundred dollars through getting your security deposit back! Remember, while we can’t help you with the moving out cleaning list, we can help you with the move. Be sure to give Dunmar a call for all your moving needs.

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