7 Tips for an Awesome Yard Sale Before Moving

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With warmer temperatures here, what is the one thing that many people are doing before their upcoming move? They are having their own yard sale! Yard sales are a great way to get rid of those items that you no longer need, while making a little cash on the side. Remember, what may be your junk is going to be someone else’s treasure! With this being said, let’s make your next moving yard sale the best yet with these tips!

Before the Yard Sale

Before the yard sale, there are several things that you are going to have to do. That is why we often state that you

should have a yard sale a week or two before your move date, to allow plenty of time in between each event. Before the yard sale, remember these tips:

  1. Price everything! The sooner you do this, the less you have to do the morning of, and you will not have to answer the same question (how much is this?) 100+ times during the sale.
  2. Price items to move! Remember, the yard sale is not meant to make you a ton of money, it is meant to remove some of the clutter you have before your professional movers arrive.
  3. Organize these items in a way that makes them easy to see. You don’t want people to have to pick up, move items or the like just to see what you have. The more organized these items are, the more likely you will have people stop to see what you have.
  4. Be sure to advertise this yard sale! Your local newspaper is a good start, but also consider putting this onto Facebook and in groups associated with your area. This is one of the best ways to draw a crowd.

While you are having the yard sale, be sure that you are paying attention and moving as many things as possible. Remember that the more that you move during this sale, the better your move will be!

  1. Put out a few of the nicer items you are selling in front of your driveway or in the yard. These are items that are going to grab the attention of those who are passing by and make them stop.
  2. Be sure to put up signs that this is a yard sale. Too many times people assume others will know this, but they may think you are simply reorganizing or even moving into the home!
  3. Be prepared to come down on the prices that you have listed. Remember: the goal of the yard sale is to get rid of items!

If you have had a yard sale, what tips would you give those who are moving soon and trying to get rid of their clutter? And remember, for those who are gearing up for a move, Dunmar Moving is here for all your moving needs.

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