Preparing for a Move: Tips to Help

Moving can be stressful…that is something that we would all agree with. And if you look at all the components of a move, it is easy to see why things can go wrong. Moving mistakes are not something that you can avoid completely. After all, many people find that they have those little mistakes like forgetting to pack the cell phone charger with them instead of putting this into a box. These are small mistakes that are not going to have a huge effect on your move. However, what about those larger mistakes? What types of mistakes should you be aware of so that you are not making them? We are going to highlight a few of these, as you know the more you know, the better prepared you can be! 

Did you get references?

Let’s say that you have the moving date set, and you have already got a moving company coming to get your items. Did you check this moving company out thoroughly? This is a huge mistake that people make. Just because a company has a Facebook page, or they have a website does not mean that they are legitimate. You will want to ensure that they have great reviews, so check out sites like Yelp, BBB, and even Google Reviews to see what people are really saying. Above all else, remember a legitimate company is going to work with you, they are going to talk to you about what you need to move, give you an hourly rate based on this information, and they will show a professional demeanor when dealing with customers.

Give Yourself Time

This is one of those tips that everyone needs to remember…give yourself time! You need time to find a new place to move, to pack up your belongings, and even time to find the moving company that you are interested in handling your items. The less time you give yourself to do this…the more mistakes that are going to happen!

Pay Attention to your Time

This is an important mistake that you are going to want to remember, don’t just assume that the times are going to work out no matter what. You need to pay attention to your time! For example, if you think that you can call a professional moving company during the summertime and get a moving date that is 3 days away, you are going to be disappointed. Summer times are the busiest time of year for moving companies, so plan accordingly.

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