Projects to Consider During Move In Time

When a person moves into a new home, they are oftenProjects_to_consider_during ready to move in, get their things placed where they want, and then to start living their life. However, in reality, most people are moving into a home that they like, but there are still a few small projects that they can do upon moving in that will make their life better. Here at Dunmar, we have had customers who complete these projects before moving in while others start these immediately upon moving their items in. However, these are projects to consider just to make your home a bit more livable and more “you”.

What projects should you consider, here are a few!

  1. Have the home re-keyed! This is something that is a must. After all, how many people may have a key to your new home?
  2. If you are moving into an older home, be sure the electrical is up to date. This is something that will need to be done before moving in as you don’t want to move into a home that is not up to code!
  3. If you have a garage, consider investing into some shelves to help you stay organized once you have moved in. The same can be said of the closets. If you start off in your new home organized, you will be surprised how is it will be to stay this way.
  4. Paint those rooms that you want painted before placing your items into the room. This is going to make it easier on you in the long run. And it decreases the chances of paint ruining furniture and other items if they were already in the room.

While you may be busy with a move, you may find that you can take a few days before the movers arrive to complete these projects. You will find that this will make your home feel more like home even sooner!

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