How to Properly Pack and Move Jewelry

When it comes to packing and moving jewelry, those who have done this before, know that this can be tedious. Jewelry can be something of high value, and even if this is not super expensive, it can still be something that holds a special place in your heart. With this being said, we have a few tips that can help you with properly packing and moving your jewelry! 

Are there Packing Techniques to Use?

When it comes to packing your jewelry, remember these important rules:

  1. Jewelry is fragile
  2. There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as the jewelry stays save while moving
  3. You will want to take your time in packing this so that you do not accidentally break items before you even move!

A Few Insider Tips for Packing Jewelry

How can you ensure that your jewelry is packed up properly? Here are a few tips, both traditional methods and non-traditional methods!

  1. A jewelry box is one of the best ways to pack up your jewelry. Especially if your jewelry box contains spots for each piece. While most people think of these as being delicate, they are going to do well as long as you wrap this and place it into a sturdy box for moving.
  2. Get some empty egg cartons. Yes, egg cartons! These egg cartons can be great for storing rings and earrings in, as it gives each piece its own separate container. Wrap each piece first, then place into the egg carton. If you are packing this into a box, be sure to wrap the entire egg carton to provide extra cushion.
  3. Have thick, costume jewelry? If so, unclip these and run an empty toilet paper roll onto the necklace. Then re-clip the necklace back together. This is going to allow your jewelry to avoid tangling and potentially breaking.
  4. Straws are great for those fine necklaces and bracelets and can be used in the same method as an empty toilet paper roll.

For those who are moving, don’t forget that Dunmar Moving is here for you. We move your belongings just as if they were our own so that you know everything is taken care of!

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