Properly Packing Linens

Packing up your home for a move is stressful. However, one aspect of the packing process that many people pay no attention to is how they pack up their linens and towels. Is there a right way of doing this? After all, you can just shove these into a box and be done, right? Not exactly. Believe it or not there are several tips that you are going to want to use when packing up those linens and towels in your home.

  1. Line the box with paper first to avoid these linens being damaged if the box were to get wet or the like. This is especially important if you will be putting these boxes into storage before moving into a new home.
  2. Consider using a wardrobe box for those linens that are more delicate. For example, if you have a silk tablecloth or maybe a quilt that is old and belonged to a relative. These can be hung onto bars and packed into the wardrobe box.
  3. Consider packing your towels and linens into plastic bags before putting these into the boxes. Putting these linens into those vacuum sealed bags is a great option to ensure that moisture, bugs and the temperature is not going to influence these items. It has the bonus of ensuring that when unpacked, these items smell as though they are fresh out of the laundry!
  4. Your rugs in the home should be cleaned before packing, that way they are ready to go once you arrive at your new home. Larger rugs will need to be rolled and then wrapped in plastic to protect them.
  5. Don’t forget that those linens that are older or that you are not overly fond of can be used for packing material to protect those breakables that you may have.

Remember, if you simply do not have the time to pack or you want to leave this to the professionals, you can. Dunmar Moving has you covered!

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