Recently Moved Out? Things You Will Need

For those out there who are experiencing the newness of moving into their first apartment after graduating or getting out of their parents home for the first time, this is one of those times in your life that you are always going to remember. So, if you are starting out fresh, chances are you have nothing really. You may have carried up your clothes and that is it. Here is a crash list of those things that you are going to want to get in order to make this new apartment your home!

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  1. Kitchenware! The good news is that you don’t need enough for an entire family. So, go with things that you can get for one or two. Consider:
  • Two of flatware
  • Enough glasses for four
  • Two coffee mugs
  • One large and one small pans and pots
  • A small set of kitchen knives
  • A small cutting board
  • A set of measuring cups
  • A couple of dish towels
  1. Bedroom essentials! Hopefully you at least have your mattress. If not, then this is one of those things that you are going to want to get as soon as possible. You will also want to consider:
  • One sheet set
  • Lamp
  • Duvet cover or comforter
  • Laundry hamper
  • Organizer for your clothes. If you can’t afford a dresser, consider a plastic organizer.
  1. Bathroom items like the shower curtain, bath mat and some towels are going to be needed. Once again, it is just you so you can get away with two bath towels to start in most cases.
  2. The furniture for your apartment! You will want some seating, so shop at discount stores or even second hand stores to find something that you can afford that is going to fit into your new apartment.

Just because you are new to living on your own, doesn’t mean you should go without. This is a great way to get started to turn this apartment into a new home.

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