Relaxing in Richmond, VA

Are you new to the Richmond area? If so, then we congratulate you on making the move into this beautiful area. And as movers ourselves, we know just how stressful a move can be. That is why we always recommend that people get out into the area and enjoy it…to do something that is going to help them relax, while also getting to know the new area that they are living in! So, what is there to do in Richmond, Virginia that is going to fit this bill? Check it out!

The Richmond Garden Trail

Some of the best gardens in the country are seen in the green spaces of these ten sites! There are several secret gardens along this path that is going to be picture worthy! They invite everyone to share these images with them on the official Richmond Garden Trail Instagram

Visit the Valentine

For those who love history, then it is time to learn about your new home in Richmond through visiting The Valentine! This is located downtown and has exhibits that span 400 years of the city’s history! Visit their website for more information.

Take a Trip to James River

James River is considered the river of Richmond, and there are several things to do here that are going to get you out of the house and will give you temporary relief from the unpacking that is awaiting you at your new home. Here you can bike, raft down the river, climb the area and even run through the various trails there.

Take It Easy

For those who are looking for a truly relaxing area in Richmond, then consider going to one of the many spas that are in the area. You have your pick of exquisite locations that are going to cater to your every wish in providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience!

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