Relocating to a New State: Tips to Make this Easier

Relocating Does Not Have To Be Hard

Moving or relocating to a new home is difficult enough, even if you are just moving to a city that is a few miles away. However, when you move to a different state, this brings even more obstacles, and a bit of tension as you may be nervous about moving to a new location where you may not know anyone. With this being said, we have some information that could help you in getting organized and completing this move to another state with as few hiccups as possible!

Make a Moving Binder

We often recommend that you have a moving binder even if you are moving a few streets down. A moving binder is meant to keep you more organized. And when moving to a new state, your moving binder can be the hub of sanity! In this moving binder you will want to list all the tasks that are needed to be done which include items like:

– Packing

– Contacting movers and including the quotes that you are given

– Dealing with address changes

– Canceling television and internet and getting this set up out of state

Do a Deep Declutter

When moving to a new state, many people decide that some things just aren’t worth moving. For example, if your couch has seen better days or you simply want new items when you get to a new home, then it is not worth moving. Get rid of all those items that are going to be taking up space and not going to be put to use at your new location.

Have a Plan for When you Arrive at your New Home

This is going to be something that needs to go into your moving binder, but the number of things that you need to get done are extensive hence the reason for its own section here! Some of the things that you may not be thinking about include:

– Switching auto insurance to that state which may mean going with a new provider

– Getting your license switched to that state, as most states have rules that this needs to be done within 30 days

– Getting your car/truck registered in the state which does mean a trip to the local DMV

– Getting your mail sent to this new address and changing all your reoccurring bills like credit cards to this address

– Setting up internet/cable

– Finding a new doctor for you and your family in this area

Moving to a new state is an exciting time, but it can be riddled with nerves. Dunmar Moving offers long distance moving to other states, and you can rest assure that you get quality service from us. Hiring professional movers for a long distance move is just one small thing that you can do to minimize your stress!

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