Responsibility When Items are Lost or Broken

What is the biggest fear that people have when they are moving? They are always afraid that their items are going to be lost or broken along the way. This is an honest fear and one that most people have. While the majority of times everything goes off without a problem, there are those few horror stories that are heard everywhere in the moving industry. Horror stories like the moving truck ran into awful weather and the entire load of possessions were damaged. Or the movers were irresponsible, and broke every single item within several boxes when moving these into a new home. These horror stories are something that makes everyone a bit hesitant to move.

However, here at Dunmar Moving, we like to look at your items as being as our own. We handle these with the same care that we would handle our own home when moving. With this being said, here are a few things to know when it comes to responsibility of lost or broken items.

  1. The mover often has a tariff that allows them to repack a box if they believe it is not properly packed in order to avoid issues while traveling. This is just one way that movers are ensuring you are happy with their services.
  2. The mover is liable for loss or damage that is caused during transit in most situations.
  3. The only situations in which movers are not liable for a lost or broken item is when there was an act of nature beyond their control, there was an act or omission by the shipper, an act of a public enemy, the act of a public authority or inherent vice.

If you were to pack a box incorrectly and this is why items were broken, the mover would not be responsible for this.

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