Richmond’s Historical Sites to Visit

5 Historical Sites To Visit in Richmond VA

For those who are just moving into the Richmond, VA area, you will find that there are tons of historical sites to visit. For any history buff…they are going to love these areas. And even if you are not into history, you are going to find that these are beautiful areas to visit and a great way to get to know your new home!

Visit the Mile of Style

Carytown is known as the “Mile of Style” in Richmond and for good reason! There are bookstores, candy shops, coffee shops, a craft brewery, tons of restaurants, bike shops, and so much more! There is something to do for everyone and you can easily spend the entire day here. You will find that the historic Byrd Theatre is also here.

Church Hill

This neighborhood has cobblestone streets that make you feel like you are stepping back into time. You will find that this is home to St. John’s Church, which is where Patrick Henry gave his speech “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”.

Broad Street Arts District

This is a corridor through downtown that has tons of galleries. For any art lover or a high-end fashion lover, you are going to find what you want here! There are tons of stores, and the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU is located here.

The Museum District

This is home to tons of major museums, full of history. There is the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, and tons of restaurants that you can frequent after visiting this area.

The Fan District

When you go to this area, you will find that this is super urban with a dose of historical 100+ year old homes that call this area home. There are tons of coffee shops, old school barbershops, tons of mom-and-pop shops and there is even live music that takes place here at several venues throughout the week.

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