Safety Tips for Halloween 2020

Halloween is quickly approaching, but it may be a bit different than what you are used to seeing. There may not be those large home costume parties at home, and even some towns throughout the United States are discussing whether they should even allow trick-or-treating. With this being said, we have a few tips that you may want to use for Halloween 2020!

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  1. For those with kids, incorporate a face mask into their costume. This way that they can still have a face mask while being their costume of choice this year.
  2. Consider doing a scavenger hunt for candy this year at home while kids are dressed in their costumes. If trick-or-treating is called off, then this can be a great way to make a memory.
  3. You could opt to have another family over to your home and let the kids have a mini-party of sorts. Just remember to social distance and have tons of candy so that the kids don’t feel like they are losing out!
  4. Take a trip to the pumpkin patch! While the patch may be limiting how many people they let in, you will find that this activity can be a wholesome way to have some fun that is relatively safe.

If you do decide to trick or treat and this is allowed, here are some tips for safety:

– Stick to small group of immediate family only to keep yourself and everyone else safe

– Wipe down candy that you receive with a disinfectant wipe once you get home

– Do not ring doorbells with your hands!

This Halloween may be a bit different than ones of the past, however, you are going to find that you can still make it fun. And who knows, you may start some new traditions that last for years to come!


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