Saving Boxes: The Key to a Blissful Move

One of the first things that many people complain about when it comes time for moving, is not having enough boxes for their belongings. Finding new boxes is not that hard, in reality most retail stores are going to give these to you if you ask. However, what becomes an issue is transporting those items in your home that do not fit into your ‘standard’ box.

Electronics are probably one of the most expensive items that you own throughout your home. Therefore, it makes sense to keep those original boxes that these items come in, along with the Styrofoam holders placed into these boxes for added protection. One particular example to consider are those curved television or LCD televisions. These televisions are super fragile and in order to move these efficiently and without damage, the original packaging is going to offer a level of comfort that cannot be found otherwise.

While keeping boxes for electronics seems like a no brainer for many people, what about the boxes for those random household goods that you may have? For example, what about your mixer, the coffee maker, microwave, pots and pans? These are all items that come in their own packaging, and it could be worth your time to store these boxes if possible. Not only does this ensure that they are packed correctly, but it can also make unpacking easier. If all your items are in original boxes, it will take no time to unpack and put these items into their new places in your new home.

We realize that not everyone is going to have the room to store boxes, but if you can, it can really pay off in the end and make your move blissful. With this being said, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always store these boxes in a dry location. If the boxes become wet, they become useless to you.
  2. Try to store smaller boxes inside those larger boxes if you are limited on space.
  3. Better yet, flatten these boxes so that they can easily slide under a bed for storage. As long as you have good tape for moving, you should have no problem in reassembling these boxes later.

So the next time that you buy a large item such as a TV or a smaller item, consider whether the box could be used again later. If so, then store this for future use. You will be thankful that you did in the long run!

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