Saying Goodbye to your Home Tips from Richmond, VA Movers

Moving is an exciting time! It also comes with a mix of sadness. You are saying goodbye to one home and moving to a new one. In some cases, you may be leaving the city that you have lived in for several years and have come to love. So, how can you make the sadness of leaving your home a bit more bearable? Here are a few suggestions!

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1. Consider a farewell party!

Invite your family and friends over for one last party as a farewell to the home that you have been living in for the last few years. You will find that this can also be a great time to get everyone to pitch in for packing!

2. Take tons of pictures

If you don’t have a ton of pictures of your home yet, then make sure that you do this now. It doesn’t matter if there are boxes everywhere, go ahead and show the home as you lived in it. These types of pictures will mean more than if you were to take pictures of the home when it is clean and empty.

3. Take some time once the truck is loaded

After the truck is loaded with your boxes and the house is empty, take some time to go through the home. Not only should you check for items that may have been left behind, but also take a few moments to silently say goodbye. And then recall the reason for the move so that you are reinforcing that you needed to move.

Saying goodbye to a home when moving is not easy. However, properly say goodbye and then focus on the positives! This way you are not going to remember your move with nothing but sadness.


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