Saying Goodbye To Your Old Home

What is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to moving? Saying goodbye to your old home! For many people, this may have been their childhood home, it may have been the home in which they raised their children or maybe the first home that they ever lived in with their significant other. This house is more than just a place to live in, it is full of memories that cannot be replaced. So, how do you go about saying goodbye to your old home?

Have Mementos of this Home

One of the easiest ways to say goodbye is to bring with you things that are going to memorialize the old home. A few ideas:

  • Pictures of the home itself that you can show to your family in later years of the home that meant so much to you.
  • Maybe even bring seeds from the flowers that surround the home to plant at your new home
  • Take a few pictures while moving, so you can not only remember the home, but it can be a way to really bring closure to yourself and your family.

Have a Goodbye Party

Everyone has heard of a housewarming party…why not have a goodbye party? This can be a great way to have one final get-together with family and friends in a house that you are getting ready to leave. This can also be a great time to say goodbye to those friends that you may be moving away from and promise to keep in touch with one another.

Final Moments

After the movers have loaded up everything and the house is empty, take a few minutes alone in the home. Soak up those old memories or even the smells that you have associated with this house and say goodbye. Remember, when moving it is best to look forward to the future, rather than dwell on the past. So, be sure to take the time to say goodbye to your old home. And remember, if you are still in need of movers for your move, Dunmar is here to help for any local move in the Richmond area or long-distance move that you may have!

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