Selling a Home and Moving Now

Have you thought about moving, then COVID-19 hit, and now you wonder if you will ever be able to move? If these are your thoughts, you are not alone. However, for homeowners, many professionals are stating that right now is still the time to sell your home and move. In fact, they are saying that this could be the best time in years to sell your home!

Dunmar Moving Systems in Richmond, VA - Moving During COVID-19

So, why could this be the time to sell your home and get on with the move that you have been dreaming of?


  1. The demand for homes is back.


Many professional realtors are finding that as states are loosening up on the restrictions in place, many buyers are out there and they are shopping with a vengeance to make up for time that was lost while quarantining. The trend seems to be that people are looking to move into the suburbs and into smaller cities, rather than looking to move into larger metropolitan cities.


  1. The inventory for homes on the market is considered low.


While there are tons of people looking to buy, those who are selling are not meeting this demand. This means that it is a sellers market. Right now, houses are being priced higher since buyers are eager to snap these homes off the market.


  1. Mortgage interest rates are lower.


Mortgage interest rates are hitting new lows that have not been seen for years. Meaning that people are finding that they can afford their dream home even easier. Plus, many buyers are looking to upgrade from what they currently have. Remote work is becoming more popular even as restrictions are lifted on what people can do. So, homes with home offices or enough room to have a home office are selling quickly.


For those who are looking to sell, then it may be time to jump on the bandwagon and get your home onto the real estate market. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t stay on the market long before receiving an offer. With this in mind, once you know that you have a move out date, be sure to contact Dunmar Moving to get a moving date that is going to fit with your schedule!


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