Settling into Your New Home in December

Settling into Your New Home in December


 Settling in is the first thing on your list for those who have recently moved into their home. Getting settled into a new home allows you to start feeling “at home”. And since it is December, you will want to take the time to make sure that you are still putting up the usual holiday décor to make this new location feel even more like home.


Any time you move into a new place, you must get the essentials unpacked. Focus on the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bathroom first. This way, you have a place to sleep, the bathroom is ready to be used, and you can still cook your meals if you don’t want to order in. However, there is something to be said about ordering in when you are first in a new home; who needs another hassle of cooking?!


Once you unpack the essentials, you start going through all the other boxes that you may have to empty, and chances are this will include the holiday décor. Hopefully, your décor boxes are marked so that you can quickly grab these and start the process of decorating. Go ahead and put up the tree, hang the stockings and do whatever else makes you feel like Christmas and home. Just make this a new stage of unpacking!


And if you find that you have no décor, there is no better time than now to get to know your new area and purchase some holiday décor to put into your new home. Just because you have recently moved into a new home during the holidays doesn’t mean that the holidays have stopped. You will find that decorating this holiday season in your new home will help you feel more at peace with your move, and it is never too early to start making new memories!


Dunmar Moving is here for those planning a move, and we even have professional packers to come in and help with this chore. It can make a December move much easier when you lean on professionals to handle the move for you so you can focus on the holiday!

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