Should I use Packing Paper or Bubble Wrap?

One of the most common questions that people have when packing is just what type of packing product should be used to help protect their fragile items! There are tons of items out there. And if you were to do a quick internet search, you will find people recommending tons of things to help protect your fragile items. Many of the recommended items range from old newspaper, magazines, and hand towels. The main two packing products to purchase are packing paper and bubble wrap. Which is the best? Which should you use?

Why Stick with Proper Packing Materials

Most people think that why would they buy packing paper when they may have magazines or newspapers lying about that they can use. However, do NOT do this! Newspaper and magazine paper is not the same as packing paper. For one, newspapers and magazines contain ink. This ink can rub off onto the items that you are packing. Imagine the horror if you were to pack you fine china with these items, only to find that when unpacking there is ink all over them!

You can use towels in a box to help pad it. However, many people find that wrapping their items into towels rather than packing paper or bubble wrap does not give them as good results. So, keep the towels on hand to stuff the empty space in a box.

Which is Better: Bubble Wrap or Packing Paper?

When it comes to using bubble wrap or packing paper, it is best to have both on hand. You will find that using a combo of these is going to be the best way to protect your fragile items. For example, wrap dishes in the packing paper, then put a layer of bubble wrap in between these in the box for the ultimate protection.

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