Should You Declutter Before a Move?

Should You Declutter Before a Move

How many times have you heard this advice: declutter before your move! Is this advice something that you should take seriously? Definitely! Decluttering before a move is always the smartest option if you have the time to do so. However, we understand that sometimes you won’t have the time. This is why we often tell people that as soon as you know you are moving, start decluttering.

Why Declutter?

Why should you declutter before a move? For starters, remember that you are charged on the number of items moved and the time it takes. Therefore, decluttering can actually help you to save money when moving. There is no reason to move items that you no longer want or need. Secondly, decluttering is a great way to start out in your new home. No clutter is around and it can feel so much better!

3 Tips for Decluttering

If you are panicking about where to start with the declutter process, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people can feel overwhelmed by the process. Remember these three basic tips:

  1. The closets are a great place to start with the decluttering process. If you have not worn or even thought about some items for a year that are hanging in your closets, get rid of them!
  2. Any places that you have items stored such as under the bed are great places to start decluttering. Chances are that you have not used these items in a long time. Ask yourself if you truly need these items?
  3. Do you have items in storage? If so, consider whether you can leave them there rather than moving these. For those who are going to be in the same general area, chances are they can leave these in storage, and continue to keep them there. If you are moving across the country, then you may have to go through this storage facility as well.

Remember the rule of decluttering, if you haven’t touch it for a year, worn it in over a year or otherwise have no use for it, then it will be best not to move it. Consider donating these items or giving them away so that they don’t end up in a landfill somewhere

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