Socks for Packing?

Socks: They Could Be Great for Packing!

A typical scenario when doing laundry for most people is going through the basket and realizing you just have one of a matching pair of socks! Where do these socks go? That is a question wondered throughout the world, and whether you think that the washer or dryer eats these socks, that you have a pet that is taking off with one sock, or the like, there is a high chance that you have a whole stack of socks that are missing their mates. When you are moving, the first piece of advice that most people give is to declutter. It would make sense that you decide to throw out these lone socks. However, before you do this, put them to good use!


Believe it or not, those lone socks can be great for packing up items in your home before a move. You can always toss these when you start unpacking at your new home. How can we repurpose lone socks? The list is endless, but here are a few ideas:

– Slide wine glasses and stemware into a sock to help cushion it even more when packing.

– Use socks to stuff into boxes to fill those empty spaces, so nothing shifts in the box.

– Tie socks around cords or the like that you do not want to get tangled.

– Use socks to stuff into hats to avoid these getting bent while moving.

The list is endless, as many people find inventive ways to use these lone socks when packing.


Remember that the socks that you use for packing should be in decent shape and clean! There is nothing worse than opening up a box of wine glasses and getting an aroma of sweaty feet! Any socks with huge holes in them should be tossed, as you don’t want to use something torn to protect anything.


For those ready to move and need help packing, remember that Dunmar Moving offers professional packing services. If you decide to go with professional packers, you will find that we come prepared to pack your belongings with packing paper, bubble wrap, furniture pads, and the like to ensure that your items are prepared for the move.


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