Steps to Remember when Downsizing

Many people who move are moving into homes in order to downsize. Maybe the kids have moved away, maybe you realize that you would rather have a smaller home due to the cost of upkeep a larger home takes, or maybe it is time to simply move and the home that you found and fell in love with is much smaller. Downsizing is a term that is given to those who are moving into smaller homes. While it may sound simple enough, many people find that when it comes to actually downsizing it is harder than what they thought.

What is the Goal of Downsizing

When you downsize, the idea is that you want to get rid of items that you no longer need because you are moving into a location that has less room. Therefore, the goal of downsizing is to minimize your belongings. With this being said, we have 3 steps that you need to remember when downsizing.

Steps for Downsizing

  1. Have a plan

What is the size of your new place in square footage terms? What is the square footage of your current home? What is the difference between these two? This is going to give  you a good idea of just how much you are going to have to get rid of. You may even want to take measurements of some rooms like the living area or den to see if your larger furniture will even fit into these rooms.

Now, you will want to have a plan for which rooms you are going to tackle. You may find that going room to room is the best idea as it allows you to do a bit each day rather than feeling overwhelmed with doing the entire home at once.

  1. Sort your items.

This is where declutter tips can come in handy as you need to get rid of items that you no longer want, those duplicate items, and items that are not going to be used in your new home. Have a pile of items that you are going to donate, a pile for what you want to toss, and even a pile for items that you know someone else in your family would love to have.

  1. Have a way to preserve those memories

You will find that digitizing photos is one way to save a ton of room in your new, smaller home. You can go with a company that can do this for you to help alleviate some of the to-do items on your list, or you can opt to do this yourself. In addition, if you have heirlooms that you know will not fit into your new home, you can opt to still keep these in the family by giving them to someone else. Some people even decide that there are things that they cannot be without, so they opt to lease a storage space to place these items into. The option is really up to you!

And remember, whether you are downsizing, moving into a larger home or just moving into a more affordable location, Dunmar Moving is here to make it happen!

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