Stress and Moving

When you hear the word moving, chances are you automatically think of the stress of moving. Here at Dunmar Moving, we realize that these two terms go hand in hand. The good news is that you can have a move that is not as stressful. We have gathered some great tips from our years of experience, that can help you to cut back on the stress level when you do end up moving.

  1. Have realistic goals. It is not easy to pack up a home within one day. Instead, have a goal of one room per day up until the moving day. Or better yet, hire professionals to come in and pack for you, as they can normally get this done within a few hours.
  2. Realize that stress comes with moving, no matter what. Do not be fooled into thinking that you can eliminate all the stress. There is always going to be something that happens, whether this be not getting the keys to your new place on time or the like. Be prepared, and you will have a better chance of coming through this without feeling as though the move was a huge mistake.
  3. Hire professional movers, as this can help relieve the stress you feel about getting your items to your new location. And for many people the idea of driving a rented truck for a long distance can be a huge stressor. There is where Dunmar Moving can come in handy!
  4. Always remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Too many people get bogged down with the move itself, they are not thinking of how great it will be to get moved, unpacked and living in a new location. So keep this thought in mind, as this can provide you with the motivation that you may need at times.

Moving is always going to have some level of stress with it. However, the way you choose to approach this move is going to determine just how much stress you have to deal with!

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