Top 10 Items Movers Cannot Handle

When it comes to professional movers handling your move, most everyone thinks they can take anything and everything. And while that is mostly true, there are a few things that we cannot move for you. These items are considered hazardous to move, or they are considered living thus, they cannot be put onto the back of a truck and moved a few streets or even states away.

10 Items We Cannot Move

  1. Flammable Items: Any items that can be considered flammable are items that cannot be moved. This may include propane tanks, kerosene, gasoline tanks, lighter fluid, batteries with acid, and other related items.
  2. Living items: These include pets (yes, there are companies that can move pets long distances, but these are specialty companies) and plants!
  3. Garden items: Not only does this mean plants, but you should move fertilizer or any types of plant food. We can handle the tools for you though!
  4. Paint items: This includes paints in cans, spray paints, and paint thinner.
  5. Guns and ammunition cannot be moved at all by professional movers.
  6. Fresh foods cannot be moved, as they can go bad before getting to your destination!
  7. Yard equipment that contains fuel cannot be moved. However, if you remove the gasoline and oil from these, then they can be moved!
  8. Pool chemicals cannot be moved by professionals, as a spill could result in damage!
  9. Grills can be moved, but you cannot pack in charcoal or the propane tank with this.
  10. Household items like bleach, nail polish remover, and aerosol cans need to be packed with you rather than the movers.


Whether you are moving across town or out of the state, Dunmar Moving is here for all your moving needs. And we can go over just what items you may have questions about us handling for you!

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