The Best 5 Neighborhoods in Richmond VA

Where to Move in Richmond, VA.

Those looking to move into Richmond VA., will find that there are tons of neighborhoods worth researching. Here at Dunmar, we can handle the move for you to take the time to enjoy the new area, the sights and the sounds that it offers. However, many people who know that they want to make Richmond their home are unsure of which neighborhood is the best for them.


Scott’s Addition: Fast Growing Neighborhoods

Scott’s Addition may sound odd, but this is an up-and-coming neighborhood that people are moving into. This area is known for having an abundance of breweries, ciders, distilleries, meaderies, and other types of businesses. There are historic homes and apartments for those who want to live here.


Lakeside: Great Location for Families

According to locals, this suburb of Richmond is home to some of the best burgers around. The homes here are your typical family homes with big lawns and garages and are considered an affordable home option for those just starting their family.


Manchester: Great for Outdoor Enthusiast

Manchester is a community near the James River, so tons of outdoor activities are perfect for this area. Many who come to this community are young artists and families, as there is a mix of family homes and apartments. While a historical neighborhood, there are still many modern homes here to make your own.


Short Pump: An Affluent Suburb

Don’t let the name fool you; while it may be a funny name, this is considered an affluent suburb. This location has tons of businesses and single-family homes, apartments, and townhomes. Those who live here often love the short commute to work since their company may be located here.


Chimborazo: Rich History, Cool Name

This neighborhood has a rich history, and we have to say a super cool name!  This is a primarily residential neighborhood with tons of ties to the Civil War while offering single daily homes that may date back to the late 19th century.

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