4 Tips for Pets When Traveling to a New Home

You have decided that now is the time to move, and you are already on course for this move to happen soon. However, do you have your furry friends covered for the move? While most pet owners know that it is best to have their furry friend out of the house while the professionals are there helping with the move, they may have not thought about the logistics of moving with a pet. For example, how is your cat or dog going to take being cooped up in the car? Whether you are moving to a suburb that is only 15 minutes away or you are moving a long distance, here are some great travel tips to remember for your pet’s safety.

Consider a Portable Kennel

A portable kennel or carrier is going to be your best friend while traveling with your pet, unless you are lucky enough to have a pet that loves to ride in the car. These portable carriers allow your pet to feel at home, and it keeps them safe if you do have to stop to go into the gas station or the like.

Condition your Pet to Car Travel

For those who have a pet that already loves to ride in the car, then you are set. However, for others, this may mean taking a bit of time to condition your pet. When you know you are going to be moving and your pet will be in the car for any period of time, start taking him or her on small outings to get them accustomed to the car. For dogs and cats, the sounds they hear, the motion and all that is going on can be a bit too much until they are accustomed to it.

Have Identification

Be sure that you have attached the identification for your pet, along with their rabies vaccination to their collar. This way, if the unthinkable happens and he or she becomes lost while moving, you can have this to rely on.

Have your Pet Travel Kit

The pet travel kit is going to include things that will make the car ride easier for the pet, along with those items that they may need upon arriving at your new home or when staying at a hotel. This travel kit should include any medications the pets takes, food, a blanket, a few treats, some toys, and a container of fresh water to give breaks along the way.

Here at Dunmar, we want every aspect of your move to be great! And we hope that pet owners can find some of these tips useful for their future move!

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