Tips for Your Business Move

What most people don’t realize about Dunmar Moving is that we are more than just a moving company for residential homes. We can also help businesses, both large and small move to a new location. For those businesses who are approaching the time in which they need to move locations, we have come up with a few tips to help make this as effortlessly as possible.

  1. Do not move those things that you are not going to need! For example, if you are moving to a new location that already has office equipment, those pieces that you have purchased are not going to be needed. Instead, considering selling these items to other business or to consumers who are looking to buy industrial strength equipment.
  2. You will need to contact us, or your moving company, at least a month or so before you need to switch locations. Business moves are on a larger scale than residential moves, thus they often require more trucks and more manpower to accomplish. As soon as you know your new location, call us with the details.
  3. Be sure that you are telling customers when they come in to your business that you will be moving. It is a good idea to start putting this information out there a few weeks before your move. Also be sure you are telling customers a day or two that you may be closed, while getting the old location closed down and starting up your new location.
  4. Update your contact information once the move is settled for your new location. This may mean new business cards, telephone numbers, website changes and the like. But, do this as soon as possible so that this move does not cost you any business!

While you may be excited to move your business to a new location, it can still be a nerve racking affair. Luckily, we are here to help with anything we can to make this easier on you!

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