Tips to Ensure Your Home is Ready for the New Year

While we are all sick and tired of being stuck at home, as many people are working virtually, kids may be attending school virtually, and the like, there is still time to make sure that you are preparing your home for 2021. And for those who are moving into a new home, these tips are a great starting point to ensure the safety of your home. So, what should you put on your checklist for one weekend?

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  1. Make sure that you clean or replace your furnace filter. This is going to ensure that the air being circulated through the home is high quality, and it also helps to keep your energy costs down.
  2. Check for small water leaks around toilets and sinks. You want to stop these before they become a larger issue.
  3. Clean out the garbage disposal and the drains to avoid these backing up later. You may find that doing this every month is a great practice to get into as this will prolong the life of the garbage disposal while also ensuring that there are no draining issues.
  4. Test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors that are around your home. You will want to check these about every month since these are a first line of defense should there be an issue with your home.
  5. Do you have fire extinguishers around the home? Check these every year to ensure that they are not outdated and in working condition. Remember, if you have fire extinguishers in your home, this can often help with your home insurance premium.
  6. Clean the vent hood filter in your kitchen to ensure that this is doing its job and that the life of this is prolonged.

What other to-do maintenance items would you add to your to-do list for your home? If you are spending some time at home this holiday season, go ahead and get some of these things handled before the New Year gets here.

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