Top 4 Fears You May Have When Heading into a Move

Did you know that the idea of moving brings fear to many people? While many people understand feeling stress with moving, they are not quite sure why so many people have an actual fear of moving. However, this is a real thing that can be debilitating for many people. What are these fears and how can you overcome them if you are suffering with these?

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Fear 1: The fear that you are leaving friends and family behind

This is a common fear, especially for those who may be moving a long distance when they have spent most of their life in the same location. The truth is that this fear is often a mask for the emotions that you are experiencing in leaving behind the only thing that you know. The best advice we can give is to be sure that you are moving for the right reasons, and come to terms that this move is something that you have to make for yourself.


Fear 2: Getting injured on moving day

One fear that many people have is the fear of getting injured on moving day. For those who are moving on their own we recommend wearing the right type of footwear, and knowing your own limits. However, if this is a true fear, we recommend using a moving company that will move this for you, like Dunmar Moving.


Fear 3: Moving to a new city

This is a logical fear, but is something that you have to get over. One of the best ways to get over this fear is to go ahead with your move and learn more about your new city. Get out and enjoy it! You may be able to put this fear to rest when you realize just what there is to offer here!


Fear 4: Making a huge financial mistake

Anytime you move into a new city or a new home, you may fear a financial mistake. While you cannot control the job situation, you can make some moves to ensure you don’t make a mistake with the movers that you utilize. Always make sure that they provide a quote in writing for your move, and are a moving company that comes highly recommended, like Dunmar Moving.

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