Unpacking: Tips to Help Set Up Your New Home

The movers have left and your larger items like the bed, couch and entertainment centers are unpacked and set up. Now, the rest is up to you, it can be overwhelming and many times, the unpacking process can be one of the most stressful parts of a move. However, with these tips, you can make it easier than ever to set up your new home!

  1. Start with the essentials. What are the items that you cannot live without for a few nights? These are items that are going to need to be unpacked first. Think of kitchen and bathroom items. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are labeling boxes appropriately when packing for the move! It makes it ten times easier to find the essentials that you need!
  2. Break up the work into manageable chunks. You are not going to be able to unpack everything in one night. Consider this idea: how long did it take you to pack up everything? Then you will probably spend about the same amount of time of unpacking and putting these things into the areas they need to go.
  3. Enlist some help if you can to make unpacking go a bit faster. Help can come in many forms from your kids helping, to family members helping. If you want help, see if you can find this to make the process shorter.
  4. Be sure that you reward yourself for when you have done a good job. Were you able to get the entire living room unpacked? Then reward yourself with a dinner out.

Unpacking does not have to be stressful and it does not have to be completed within 24 hours. You are in a new area, so take the time to get to know it and work at a pace that is not going to make your life more stressful when unpacking your home! Don’t hesitate to call Dunmar Moving Systems in Richmond, VA when you need moving help!

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