Upgrading to a New Home

Is it Time to Upgrade To a New Home?


One of the main reasons we get a call is from people looking to move as they are upgrading to a larger home. Many people always knew that there would come a time in which they were ready to upgrade to a new home. So, we have some of the more common questions that people need to ask themselves if it is time to upgrade to a new home!

  1. Do you need the extra room? Are you increasing the number in your family? Or maybe you will be working from home from here on and out and need a dedicated space? These are great reasons why extra room is required.


  1. Are you prepared for the extra expenses that come with a larger home? With a larger home comes a higher electric bill as you are heating and cooling even more space. Plus, you will find that property taxes may be higher due to the bigger home.


  1. With more rooms, come with more furnishings. Are you prepared for that? You will probably have to buy new furniture for a larger home as you will have more rooms to decorate.


  1. Is the larger home in a location you plan to be in for several upcoming years? It boils down to whether it makes sense to purchase a larger home right now. You will find that most people recommend that you stay in a new home for at least five years before you can put this on the market to get the most out of the investment.


When you decide that it is time to upgrade, let Dunmar Moving help with the actual moving process. You will find that working with professional movers can make the entire moving process that much easier for you! That way, you can devote your time to mapping out how you will enjoy your larger home!

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