Ways to Furnish Your New Home

Moving In: Ideas to Furnish Your Home

For those who are new homeowners, what they move into their home may not be much. For example, many first-time homebuyers come into a home with nothing more than a set of dishes, their bedroom furniture, a computer and desk, boxes of clothing, and maybe a few toiletry items. In this case, it would be a super quick move for the professionals to handle, so be sure that you are booking your move with Dunmar. After we move in the few belongings that you have, what are you going to do about the furniture?

Did you know that many people are finding it harder to get the furniture that they want? Once the COVID pandemic hit, many furniture distributors were put on hold, which affected the inventory in stores. Though this did not affect those who already owned furniture, it presented a problem for people who did not. Now, while these furniture makers are making new furniture, it is still at a slow crawl. So, how can you furnish your home if there is no furniture available?

There are still ways to furnish your home without a waiting period for finding the new items out there!

Here are a few ideas:

– Second-Hand Stores like Goodwill or Habitat Restore often have many pieces of furniture for your home. If you like doing little home projects on furniture, you will find that this could be a perfect option!

– Facebook Marketplace, yard sale groups on Facebook, Nextdoor, and Craigslist are all social sites you can visit to see what people are selling privately, including furniture.


Be sure that you check out the furniture before you buy, as these are second-hand items. And ask questions of those who are selling these items to ensure that you are getting just what you need!

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