What Does Spring Mean for Moving

Is Springtime also Moving Season?

Technically, mid-March was when Spring officially started. However, most people think about the time in April and May as being Spring. Springtime is a time when almost everyone is starting to think about those garden projects they want to do, organizing the interior of their home and doing some Spring cleaning. But how does the Springtime affect your upcoming move?

The moving season is often considered late March to early September. The Spring starts what is considered the busy season for moving companies. So, what does this mean if you have an upcoming move? It may mean:

– Be prepared for longer wait times to get a moving date unless you call the professional movers as early as possible to book your move.

– There are going to be more people moving, thus you may find that your home may sell faster if this is what you are waiting on as the real estate season coincides with moving season.

So, how can you prepare for moving this Spring?

The biggest suggestion that we can give is to call your professional movers early…as soon as you know that you will be moving, call and get a moving date for the professionals to handle this for you. The idea of booking early is always a good idea as it makes sure that you have a date and can help you plan your move accordingly!

Here at Dunmar Moving we love to see Spring rolling in. It means helping individuals and families get to their new home and the smiles that we often see when people realize that they are finally home is worth it! And if you are in our service area, Dunmar is here to make your Spring move easier on you. Check out our reviews here and even request a FREE quote via our website!

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