What Movers Want You to Know

There are many aspects that movers have to deal with on a regular basis. However, a lot of the hassles that cause delays when a moving company arrives at the location is information that customers should have found out beforehand. If you want a seamless move, which is something that we can all agree on, here are a few tips to ensure that the movers are not setting around waiting on you to get information together.

1. Be sure that you prep

What does this mean? This is not about having all your items packed, which is a good idea anyways, but it is about those fine details that can make or break a move. For example, if you live in an apartment building, can you reserve the elevator for the movers? Does there have to be a designated area for the moving truck to park? Are there hours that the movers cannot be in the building? This information can greatly help reduce the headache of a move.

2. Communicate about those valuables

Some valuables are easy to spot, such as stereo equipment and other electronics. However, for valuables that may not be noticed such as an heirloom that has been passed down throughout the family, communicate this with the movers. Let the movers know that this is something that is breakable and means a great deal to you. This way, movers are paying even better attention to the way in which these items are moved and stored in the truck.

3. Try to stay out the way

It may feel as though you should help the movers with the boxes and putting these into the truck. However, in doing so, you could be interrupting the flow. You have to consider that these movers have been doing this for several years, like our movers at Dunmar Moving. Therefore, your movers know the best way to position boxes so that they do not fall, are not broken and the best way to place these in the truck to maximize space.

4. Always label the room in which the box should go

This is essential to ensure that when movers are unloading they are not guessing on where the boxes should go. It also helps to streamline the process, so that they are not having to ask where each box is meant to go. Be sure to be specific as to what room, such as master bedroom, kids room, den, living room and so forth. You do not have to list the contents, unless this is for your purposes.

In the end, movers are meant to help make your move easier. And with these tips in mind, you are going to find that the process goes much more smoothly.

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