White Glove Moving Services: The Dunmar Way

White Glove Moving Services: The Dunmar Way

When you are looking to move, you are automatically looking at your options for moving professionals. While we all know that trying to move can be an absolute nightmare, finding the perfect professional mover can be challenging as you want to ensure that you choose the best. One of the terms you may encounter while researching movers is “white glove” moving services. What does this mean?

What Does White Glove Mean?

Most companies are offering this as something that you get if you are a preferred customer. Movers will go above and beyond for your move treat your items with respect and care. It is meant to sound ritzy and important.

Does Dunmar Offer White Glove Service?

While you are doing your research, you will find that there is no list of “white glove services” for Dunmar. This is not an oversight on our part. We decided a long time ago, that every move that we handled would always be treated with respect, that we would go above and beyond for our clients, we would take care of all the items that we moved for our customers. When you go with Dunmar, you get treated with white gloves services without the additional cost that other professional movers are putting out there.

Along with the respect and care for your items, we do offer other moving services that you can combine with the actual loading and unloading of items to have us handle this all. We offer packing services, decluttering services, and much more! We let your tailor your move to what you want. Whether you want us to handle it all or just handle the loading and unloading, we are here for you.

If you are ready to move soon, stop driving yourself crazy by searching for the perfect Richmond mover, we are here to handle this for you. And whether you are a first-time customer or a long-time customer, we guarantee that you will get the same attention to detail, care, and respect that we give all our customers when handling their move.

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