Why is a Summer Move the Best Option?

When you think about moving, chances are you think about doing this in the Summertime. After all, summer is the most common time of the year to move! However, have you ever really thought about why this is the case?

  1. The days are longer in the summer!

Due to the days being longer in the summertime, this means more time to pack up and actually move your belonging. Plus, you are not having to deal with cold temperatures or snow!

  1. Yard sales happen in the summer

While this may not seem like it would affect a move…think again! Many people have a yard sale before they move in order to get rid of those things that they no longer need. Actually, it is often one of the best ways to declutter your home while making a little spending cash! During the summer, yard sales are everywhere, meaning you are likely to drawl out a bigger crowd for yours!

  1. Kids are not in school

One of the biggest obstacles that parents face when moving is that their kids are in school and their schedules are being disrupted. That is why moving in the summer is one of the best ways to avoid having to switch school’s midyear!

  1. The real estate season is at its best during the summer

While the spring season is often seen as the start up of the real estate season, during the summer this is going to peak. You are not alone in moving during the summer, thus there are most people on the market looking to sell, and more looking to buy. It may mean less time that your home spends on the market, meaning you can move sooner than you thought!

Whether you decide to move during the summer or the winter, Dunmar Moving is here for you!

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