Why People are Moving to Virginia

For those who are looking to move into the Richmond, Norfolk or Roanoke areas, they are going to find that Virginia as a whole has a lot to offer. Many people who visit Virginia often end up moving into the state, because they simply fall in love with what the state has to offer. So, why are people moving into Virginia? We have a few reasons that people give!

  1. They love the distinction of four seasons! You have it all with Virginia: Spring, Summer, Fall and snowy Winters.
  2. There are beautiful mountains that are easily accessible when you live in Virginia.
  3. There are beaches in Virginia…Virginia Beach!
  4. Virginia has been named one of the best states in the US when it comes to a good economy and people earning a good living. In addition, many people look to Richmond VA as one of the best places for entrepreneurs to start up!
  5. Virginia is home to the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary and Virginia Tech, which is 3 of the most popular schools in the US.
  6. Even the elementary and high schools are ranked well in Virginia. They are always placing in the top ten when ranked against other school systems in the US.
  7. You love to eat good food…the fine dining options and down-home cooking are what brings many tourists into the area.
  8. The slogan “Virginia is for lovers” is attracting tons of attention as the state is tolerant and simply happy…what better place to live?!

For many people moving to Virginia was a no brainer. The good news is that here at Dunmar we service several areas throughout Virginia and even the United States. So, if Virginia is not for you, we can still help you to get into the home of your dreams.

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